Mutual Funds – House Awards

These awards recognize players of the different asset classes and strategies that have delivered sustained consistent outperformance on a risk-adjusted basis with a clear, coherent and sustainable methodology. The categories are:


  • Asia Equity
  • Asia ex-Japan Equity
  • China Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Equity Income
  • Europe Equity
  • Global Equity
  • Greater China Equity
  • Hong Kong Equity
  • India Equity
  • Japan Equity
  • US Large-Cap Equity
  • US Small/Mid-Cap Equity


  • Healthcare Sector
  • Property Sector
  • Technology Sector


  • Asia Fixed Income
  • Emerging Markets Fixed Income
  • Europe Fixed Income
  • Global Fixed Income
  • High Yield Fixed Income
  • RMB Fixed Income
  • US Fixed Income


  • Aggressive Allocation
  • Asia Allocation
  • Multi-Asset Allocation
  • Multi-Asset Income


  • Single Strategy
  • Multi-Strategies


  • Asia Fixed Income
  • Greater China Equity


  • Asia Fixed Income
  • Greater China Equity


  • Environmental Strategy
  • Ethical Strategy



Jurors will evaluate the merits of each manager based on information provided by the Manager and supplemented by BENCHMARK and data sourced from Morningstar. Managers are required to make written submissions ONLINE of approximately 250 words for each of the following criteria:

Overall Philosophy and Process

Judges will consider factors such as investment approach and methodology, business model, quantitative and qualitative screening, implementation of discipline, number of holdings, min/max position size, capacity issues, tracking errors, turnover, use of cash, hedging policy, pricing power, benchmark being used, etc…

Approach to Stock Selection

Judges will consider factors such as investment approach, attention paid on economic cycles, trends, industry-specific cycles, country or industry bets, stock selections and structural themes, convictions, etc…

Approach to Portfolio Composition

Judges will consider characteristics such as strategies adopted on country and sector weightings, number of holdings, dividend yield, P/E of underlying holdings, ROE, historic turnover, the firm’s category asset growth, earnings, debt/capital ratio, efficiency ratio (ROE/ROA) historical growth of underlying shares , etc…

Process for Portfolio Monitoring and Risk Management

Judges will consider factors such as returns, quartile/quintile ranking, volatility and risk-adjusted returns, standard deviation, mean, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio, rationale for performance shortfall, and strategy adopted will weather difficult macroeconomic environment, etc…

Judges' Discretionary points

Judges will offer discretionary bonus points based on the merits of each manager such as people, team experience, team turnover, tenure, ownership, pricing, parent company, and other credits the house deserves awarded that are not listed on this score sheet, such as an SRI/ESG discipline being implemented.


All Submissions must be accompanied by minimum 1, but not more than 2, flagship fund(s) that best represent(s) the capability of the category you are entering into, with the following details as follows:-

  • Fund/Strategy submitted must have minimum of 3 years track record
  • The fund fact sheet(s) authorized by the HKSFC or locally in respective jurisdiction
  • The fund prospectus
  • ISIN or SecID
  • Please note, the flagship fund(s) do not need to be a Hong Kong authorized fund



Separate juries will be devoted to evaluating each product type and selecting the award recipients. Therefore, DO NOT send all your entries under one submission.

Any provider who beats their peers in their respective category will win the Best-in-Class award. Up to two Outstanding Achiever awards will be given to providers who are within a 5% margin of difference from the Best-in-Class winner.